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Wood furniture, whether it made from plywood or solid wood, is the most popular material for both home indoors and garden furniture. Nevertheless, today people mostly buy furniture made from plywood, due to the budget reason. It is different from the earlier when most furniture is made of solid wood. The main reason for today why people do not choose solid wood is that solid wood is more expensive compared to the engineered one.

Outdoor and garden furniture presented by garden furniture wholesale perhaps still made from solid wood, because of the purposes. Garden furniture is purposed to put outdoor, so it needs more durable and strong material used. However, there some garden furniture is made from engineered material, which is commonly used on the porch or semi outdoor spaces that still provide shade or roof. Since this kind of furniture is not very durable and withstand to extreme weather exchanges.

Some dangerous substance may be found in pressed wood product, including furniture. a formaldehyde, which is indoor pollutant, can be found dominant is those products. Therefore, we have to change our mind perception of buying. We must put quality, safety and healthy over anything. It is not quite wise to compromising family health with cheap and dangerous product.

is a colorless gas used in home building materials and household products. The bad is formaldehyde is known as carcinogen, which is a substance that enables to cause cancer. Indoor and garden furniture made of plywood, veneer, or medium density fiber (MDF) use formaldehyde as a method of treating the wood material and keeping parasites out. Formaldehyde is also can be found in rugs, glues, paint, fuel-burning appliances, like gas stoves and other natural events. This substance may affect our health, for example watery, burning eyes to nausea and trouble breathing. Yet in the particular high levels may trigger attacks in people with asthma, to cause cancer in humans and even animals.

Safer indoor and garden furniture is better for our life and family, especially for health. Budget becomes mostly problem for many people to choose alternative wood material, especially for solid furniture. Add more ventilation or opens as much as possible to provide smooth air circulation. Green potted plant also great ideas, to absorb the chemicals  and supply us with oxygen.