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Outdoor Furniture from Indonesia

Indonesia has many of sources for wood materials; one of the most popular is teak wood. Teak is one of popular hardwood produced into various kind of furniture. Teak is used both for indoor and outdoor furniture, but teak performs better for outdoor furniture. Teak outdoor furniture from Indonesia has been known for its finest quality.

Teak, since many years ago has known for its durability, strength and beautiful grain. Even teak was important export commodity from Indonesia in the past years. Teak is also used for other purposes besides home and garden furniture. Home and building construction as well use teak wood, as its durability and strength meet the standards as a construction.

To meet worldwide market demand of garden and outdoor furniture, Garden Furniture Wholesale presents wide range of garden and outdoor furniture collections.  The collections are ranging from set collection to single item, which is available to each customers need. On its set collection, there is deep seating, which is appropriate to provide comfortable sitting area on the patio or garden. Consist of two until three sofa with soft cushion on it and one low table.

The single items collection has variety in kinds and design, to accomplish all the modern living spaces. The collection is available in stacking chairs, folding chairs, benches, folding table and other garden accessories, such as umbrella and garden lamp. The collections are able to combine as well to each other to present distinctive view of garden or patio. Garden Furniture Wholesale presents outdoor furniture Indonesia at its finest, also in variety of style and design to fulfill the entire customers’ needs and requirements.