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Outdoor Furniture Perfect Place

Outdoor space at home can be used into many purposes, from seating area for gathering to simple contemplating retreat for meditation. Each outdoor space has different name and function in accordance to the place it is built. However, it is usually slightly different in function and type of outdoor furniture used, for example backyard and porch. The function of each type of outdoor space is determined by the space available.

Porch is front part of the house that still adjoined to the main house. Even though it is outdoors, the space still has roof and half wall in several sides.  Porch also has the floor, which the material used can be very flexible. Homeowners commonly use conventional types of flooring such as ceramic or wood. Other alternative material is available also such as natural stone with a rough texture. Coarse texture is required to prevent shifting when raining.

As mentioned above, porch or some called it terrace also needs a wall. It is a bit different from the interior wall. For the areas facing the outside space or garden, it does not need to be built a massive wall. The addition of wooden railing, a low cement wall or balustrade as a barrier to the garden area should be aligned with the overall appearance of patio space. Consider whether the presence of ledge will add a beautiful or even oppressive for the porch itself.

There are some simple steps to enhance the porch, for instance, by modifying the buffer of the roof. Buffer roof columns can be coated with natural stone, or in combination with paint to create a beautiful appearance. The existence of the roof is important. A roof provides shade from heat exposure to the sun and pouring rain. The dwellers enable to sit on comfortable outdoor furniture on the porch, whether it rains or not if it shades by roof.