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Safe Wood Furniture for Your Home Living Space

In the present day, more people currently prefer to buy home living furniture from material like plywood than solid wood. This has been changed from the old days where most wood furniture is made of solid. The main reason why people change the choice is that solid wood is more expensive compared to the engineered one.

On the other hand, there might be some dangerous substances found in pressed wood products. The indoor pollutant such as formaldehyde found dominant in those products. The perception of buying furniture seen from the price has to change immediately or the safety and health of the members of family endangered.

Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, is a colorless gas used in home building materials and household products. Wood furniture made of plywood, veneer, or medium density fiber (MDF) use formaldehyde as a method of treating the wood and keeping parasites out. It is also can be found in rugs, glues, paint, fuel-burning appliances, like gas stoves and other natural events. This means it can be present in high levels both indoors and outdoors.

The dangerous side from formaldehyde is the health effects. The health effects of formaldehyde are from watery, burning eyes to nausea and trouble breathing. Even the high levels may trigger attacks in people with asthma, to cause cancer in animals and may cause cancer in humans.

These following tips might give ideas to the dwellers to prevent the healthy problems. Change the furniture to safer material like solid wood, if budget becomes a problem then choose alternative wood material. Increase ventilation as much as possible and windows weather is permitting. Use a fan or open the door regularly to get rid the pollutant out. Put some green plants that absorb chemicals and replace the air with clean oxygen, leading to a healthier home. Plants are like, peace lily, green spider plant, and golden pathos and sansevieria are recommended.

Nonetheless, many furniture stores or even garden furniture wholesales provide safe wood furniture. They offer other advantages of wood furniture as well as provide better life to the customers. Being safe and healthy in term of comfort living environment is now easy to do.